Merchants of Madness

Merchants of Madness was a two-day celebration of madness, mental health rights and neurodiversity. The idea behind the event was to create a space to have conversations about mental health, rights and madness while also reclaiming, celebrating and normalising ‘madness’. Over the course of two days the event lineup included panel discussions, film screenings, writing workshops, open mic and an art workshop. The festival was supported by Mariwala Health Initiative, Sangath, It’s Ok To Talk and CREA.

Often, dull and sombre visuals are associated with mental health. The idea was to push past those stereotypes and work with vivid visuals and bright colours. From an event poster, the colours and images created for Merchants of Madness went on to brand the entire festival - with people proudly wearing badges, scribbling in their notebooks and splashing colour on their own tote bags.

Client: Bhor Foundation | Role: Illustration, Design, Art Direction

(in collaboration with Priya Kanodia for design)